Our History with Horses

It all started with the taming of the horses by Central Asian Turks. For centuries, horses, a fundamental part of Turkish culture, have been used in many areas ranging from daily life to economic activities, and this close relationship has naturally led to horse racing and equestrian sports. The complete institutionalisation and organization of horse racing and breeding activities in Turkey dates back to 1950 when the Jockey Club of Turkey (TJK) was founded.

The Club’s founding mission was as follows: “With the primary mission of horse breeding in Turkey, the Club aims to organize and administer horse races according to international standards and conventions, implement measures to improve horse racing and horse breeding, and to engage in all types of endeavours and activities to these ends.” The Club was granted authorization by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1953 to organize horse breeding and racing activities in Turkey as an association that serves the public good.


Today, Jockey Club of Turkey conducts horse races in 9 racecourses located around Turkey.

Racing Season 2019
Number of Racecourses 9
Number of Fixtures Flat 726
Number of Races Flat 5.579
Thoroughbred Flat 3.005
Purebred Arabians Flat 2.574
Number of Runners Flat 6.234
Thoroughbred Flat 3.441
Purebred Arabians Flat 2.793
Number of Trainers Licensed 695 / Active 593
Number of Jockeys Licensed 162 / Active 133
Number of Apprentices Licensed 434 / Active 194
Number of Owners 2.294

2020 Prize Money (Local Currency – Turkish Lira)

Prizemoney Breeeders Premium Owners Premium Total
454.460.093,75 TL 95.387.947,01 TL 45.446.009,39 TL 595.294.050,15 TL

Important Races of 2020

Name For Classification Date Prize Money for Winning Horse Purse Racecourse
1 Gazi Derby Thoroughbreds G1 30.08.2020 1.750.000,00 TL 3.521.875,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
2 Erkek Tay Deneme (2000 Guineas) Thoroughbreds G1 12.07.2020 600.000,00 TL 1.207.500,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
3 Disi Tay Deneme (1000 Guineas) Thoroughbreds G1 12.07.2020 600.000,00 TL 1.207.500,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
4 Cumhurbaskanligi Kosusu (Presidency Stakes) Thoroughbreds G1 14.11.2020 860.000,00 TL 1.730.750,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
5 Avrasya Kosusu (Eurasia Stakes) Thoroughbreds G1 13.09.2020 650.000,00 TL 1.308.125,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
6 Kisrak Kosusu (Oaks) Thoroughbreds G1 02.08.2020 800.000,00 TL 1.610.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
7 Ankara Stakes (St. Leger) Thoroughbreds G1 21.10.2020 400.000,00 TL 805.000,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
8 Jockey Club of Turkey Stakes Thoroughbreds G1 04.10.2020 450.000,00 TL 905.625,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
9 Çaldıran Stakes Thoroughbreds G1 08.11.2020 600.000,00 TL 1.207.500,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
10 International Bosphorus Cup Thoroughbreds G2 25.10.2020 600.000,00 TL 1.207.500,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
11 Longines International Topkapi Trophy Thoroughbreds G2 25.10.2020 500.000,00 TL 875.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
12 International Istanbul Trophy Thoroughbreds G3 24.10.2020 165.000,00 TL 288.750,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
13 International France Galop – FRBC Anatolia Trophy Thoroughbreds G2 24.10.2020 260.000,00 TL 455.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
14 International Trakya(Thrace) Trophy Thoroughbreds G3 25.10.2020 165.000,00 TL 288.750,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
15 International Queen Elizabeth II Cup Thoroughbreds G2 10.10.2020 260.000,00 TL 455.000,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
16 Cumhuriyet Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 14.11.2020 1.400.000,00 TL 2.817.500,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
17 International Malazgirt Trophy Purebred Arabians G3 25.10.2020 165.000,00 TL 288.750,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
18 International IFAHR Trophy Purebred Arabians Condition 9 24.10.2020 131.000,00 TL 229.250,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
19 TBMM Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 04.07.2020 860.000,00 TL 1.730.750,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
20 Nigbolu Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 20.09.2020 400.000,00 TL 805.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
21 Veliefendi Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 28.10.2020 450.000,00 TL 905.625,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
22 Hatay Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 14.11.2020 600.000,00 TL 1.207.500,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
23 Tarım ve Orman Bakanligi Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 25.07.2020 650.000,00 TL 1.308.125,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
24 Istiklal Savasi Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 23.08.2020 650.000,00 TL 1.308.125,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi


Throughout the year, at its stud farms and covering stations equipped with all the necessary modern equipment, the Jockey Club of Turkey offers care, nurturing, diagnosis and treatment services to the horses of breeders under the supervision of veterinarians, medical technicians, farriers, and grooms, by relying on scientific methods and using state-of-the-art technology (digital radiography, ultrasound, laboratory testing equipment, and test kits, etc.).

The Jockey Club of Turkey offers boarding services to 495 broodmares and 430 foals with a permanent capacity, and also offers mobile veterinarian services to our breeders at stud farms and covering stations.

Jockey Club of Turkey’s thoroughbred breeding services takes place at the Boarding Stud Farms in Karacabey and Mahmudiye, as well as the Covering Stations in İzmit, İzmir/Torbalı, Adana/Seyhan, Istanbul/Silivri, and Şanlıurfa. The Club conducts its Purebred Arabian breeding services at Mahmudiye Boarding Stud Farm and Şanlıurfa Covering Station. Additionally, there are around 1,890 private stud farms all around Turkey where both thoroughbreds and purebred arabians are bred.


Ekrem Kurt Apprentice Training Center was opened in 1985 at the Istanbul Veliefendi Racecourse. It is one of its kind in Turkey, providing training at international standards with its expert staff and having trained many successful jockeys for the horse racing industry.

The training consists of two-year boarding education. During these 2 years, all the essential needs of the participants, such as accommodation, food, clothing, education, health, and so on, are provided by the Jockey Club of Turkey.

Students who successfully complete the two-year training are eligible to receive an Apprentice License, and apprentices with 150 race wins can become jockeys.

Name of Racing Authority: Jockey Club of Turkey

Postal Address: Ekrem Kurt Blv., Veliefendi Racecourse, 34144 Bakirkoy, Istanbul, Türkiye

Tel: (+90) 212 444 65 33

Fax: (+90) 212 414 69 33

Web Site:www.tjk.org

President: Mr. Serdal ADALI

Board Members:

Mr. Ahmet Ozbelge (General Secretary)
Mr. Adil Mert Kaya (Treasurer Member)
Mr. Sadettin Atig
Mr. Tugban Izzet Aksoy
Mr. Yuksel Gokturk
Mr. Hakan Yuceturk

General Manager: Mr. Tuncel Aydin

Assistant General Manager: Mr. Burak Konuk, Mr. Murat Kuluozturk, Mr. Ahmet Kilinc and Mr. Mehmet Sirin Bozkurt

Racing Manager: Mr. Murat Kaya

Betting Manager: Mr. Inanc Inal

IT Manager: Mr. Ozgur Ozaslan

Contact for Overseas Liason/Information: Mr Okan Ozeren