The Turkish equestrian world passed through many phases both before and after the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Races had been organized primarily in Izmir, then in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Sanliurfa and Elazig. First individuals and later the Horse Owners' Association were responsible for the organization of races, whose contributions to horse racing and horse breeding in Turkey were of great importance. In 1929 the Great Turkish Leader Ataturk ordered the establishment of a High Council for improvements in horse racing. This body met with the Prime Minister of the day, Ismet Inonu and had organized racing which began in the same year.

In 1941 the Turkish Racehorse Owners and Breeders Association was formed, which organised racing under their banner in 1945. People who generated ideas about the development of horse races - Sait Akson and Ozdemir Atman among them - gained the opportunity to implement their ideas in 1950. With the approval of the President and Prime Minister, the Jockey Club was established in November 1950 by Mr Karaosmanoglu of Izmir, a minister whose family had been involved in horses for generations, representative and retired General Mr Onhun, former horseman Mr Gürkan, Mr Evliyazade of Izmir and Mr Akson. The first Board of Directors comprised the founding members. On April 14, 1951, the first Racing Clubroom was opend in Ankara with a ceremony honored by the presence of President Celal Bayar. The Club was sanctioned by the Cabinet as a non-profit organization and was given the name Turkish Jockey Club. In July 1953, ordinance number 6132 took effect, giving the club authority to organise races for 20 years, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture. Jockey Club of Turkey organised its first race in September 1953 and rapidly launched several projects to improve breeding, training and infrastructure. Since its inception, members of the board have strengthened the Club and played the most important role in making horse racing a profitable industry for the Country. In October 1986, a decision mandated the headquarters of the Club to move to Istanbul. The number of permanent members, which was 24 in 1950, has reached 125 today.

To sum up the most important accomplishments of the Club:
Racecourses have been built in Istanbul, Adana, Izmir, Bursa, Ankara, Elazig, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir and Kocaeli.

Modern stabling complexes and fully equipped equine hospitals have been built in each racecourse.

Modern photo-finish devices have been purchased and being used.

Closed-circuit TV broadcasts have been enabled and TJK TV was put on service.

In 2001, Karacabey Stud Farm which carries the slogan 'a window which opens to the world', has started giving service.

Two Stud Farms and five covering stations in different regions gives service to the breeders with the stallions such as, Banknote, Lion Heart, Powerscourt, Cuvee, Yonaguska, Always A Classic, Eagle Eyed, Sea Hero, Victory Gallop.

All of the racecourses of TJK are equipped with latest technology computer network systems and some 2782 Off Track Betting Shops (OTB) started service all around Turkey with the latest technology betting systems.

Agreements with the TV channel Tay Tv Has been made where there is live broadcasting on every raceday (7 days a week), all around Turkey. The broadcasts can also be watched internationally by Turksat Satellite or W3.

Name of Racing Authority: Jockey Club of Turkey

Postal Address: Ekrem Kurt Blv., Veliefendi Racecourse, 34144 Bakirkoy, Istanbul, Türkiye

Tel: (+90) 212 444 65 33

Fax: (+90) 212 414 69 33

Web Site:www.tjk.org

President: Mr. Serdal ADALI

Board Members:

Mr. Sadettin Atig (General Secretary)
Mr. Adil Mert Kaya (Treasurer Member)
Mr. Tugban Izzet Aksoy
Mr. Yuksel Gokturk
Mr. Ahmet Ozbelge
Mr. Hakan Yuceturk

General Manager: Mr. Tuncel Aydin

Assistant General Manager: Mr. Burak Konuk, Mr. Murat Kuluozturk, Mr. Mustafa Zıypak and Mr. Ahmet Kilinc

Racing Manager: Mr. Murat Kaya

Betting Manager: Mr. Inanc Inal

Corporate Communications & Breeding Coordinator: Mr. Burak Konuk

Racing Department: Mr. Murat Kaya

Computerized Betting Systems Manager: Mr. Ozgur Ozaslan

Contact for Overseas Liason/Information: Mr Okan Ozeren


Istanbul Veliefendi Racecourse

Mr. Cetin Ozdemir, Racecourse Manager
Address: Veliefendi Hipodromu, Ekrem Kurt Blv. 34144 Bakirkoy - Istanbul/ TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 212 414 65 60
Fax: (+90) 212 414 69 40

Bursa Orhangazi Racecourse

Mr. Devrim Evcim, Racecourse Manager
Address: Bursa Osmangazi Hipodromu, Besevler Mevkii Küçük Sanayi Sitesi Karşısı Bursa / TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 224 413 07 58
Fax: (+90) 224 413 07 53

Adana Yesiloba Racecourse

Mr. Burhan Satir, Racecourse Manager
Address: Adana Hipodromu, Mersin Yolu 8km, Adana / TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 322 428 6673
Fax: (+90) 322 429 4140

Izmir Sirinyer Racecourse

Mr. Kaan Eren, Racecourse Manager
Address: Izmir Hipodromu, MD Aydin Hat Boyu, No. 275 Sirinyer Izmir / TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 232 487 29 60
Fax: (+90) 242 429 90 62

Ankara 75th Year Racecourse

Mr. Mehmet Sirin Bozkurt, Racecourse Manager
Address: TJK Ankara Hipodromu, Emniyet MH, Ciftlik cd 26/A Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 312 249 50 15
Fax: (+90) 312 249 50 13

Sanliurfa Racecourse

Mr. Mehmet Kazoglu, Racecourse Manager
Address: TJK Sanliurfa Hipodromu, Viransehir yolu 15km, Sanliurfa / TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 414 344 00 26
Fax: (+90) 414 251 34 00

Elazig Racecourse

Mr. Erdogan Temiz, Racecourse Manager,
Address: TJK Elazig Hipodromu, 23 190 Yurtbasi, Elazıg / TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 424 251 23 01
Fax: (+90) 424 251 34 05

Kocaeli Kartepe Racecourse

Mr. Gurkan Vidinli, Racecourse Manager
Address: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah.Demokrasi Caddesi No.100 Kartepe, Kocaeli / TURKEY
Tel: (+90) 262 444 0 855


Racing Season 2015
Number of Racecourses9
Number of FixturesFlat 720
Number of RacesFlat 5426
Thoroughbred Flat 2898
Purebred Arabians Flat 2528
Number of RunnersFlat 5981
Thoroughbred Flat 3313
Purebred Arabians Flat 2668
Number of TrainersLicensed 641 / Active 576
Number of Jockeys143
Number of Apprentices222
Number of Owners1902

Important Races of 2016

Name For Classification Date Prize Money Racecourse
1 The Grand National Assembly of Turkey Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 07.05.2016 700.000,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
2 2000 Guineas Thoroughbreds G1 15.05.2016 400.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
3 1000 Guineas Thoroughbreds G1 15.05.2016 400.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
4 Turkish Oaks Thoroughbreds G1 05.06.2016 550.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
5 Gazi Derby Thoroughbreds G1 26.06.2016 1.350.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
6 International Ali Riza Bey Stakes Purebred Arabians G2 26.06.2016 170.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
7 Prime Ministry Stakes Thoroughbreds G1 24.07.2016 500.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
8 Nigbolu Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 24.07.2016 350.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
9 International Istanbul Trophy Thoroughbreds G3 03.09.2016 115.000,00 € Istanbul Veliefendi
10 International Anatolia Trophy Thoroughbreds G2 03.09.2016 115.000,00 € Istanbul Veliefendi
11 International IFAHR Trophy Purebred Arabians G2 03.09.2016 45.000,00 € Istanbul Veliefendi
12 International Topkapi Trophy Thoroughbreds G2 04.09.2016 270.000,00 € Istanbul Veliefendi
13 International Bosphorus Cup Thoroughbreds G2 04.09.2016 180.000,00 € Istanbul Veliefendi
14 International Trakya Trophy Thoroughbreds G3 04.09.2016 115.000,00 € Istanbul Veliefendi
15 International Malazgirt Trophy Purebred Arabians G1 04.09.2016 65.000,00 € Istanbul Veliefendi
16 Veliefendi Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 18.09.2016 350.000,00 TL Istanbul Veliefendi
17 Hatay Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 01.10.2016 500.000,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
18 Republic Stakes Purebred Arabians G1 29.10.2016 1.100.000,00 TL Ankara 75th Year
19 Presidency Stakes Thoroughbreds G1 29.10.2016 700.000,00 TL Ankara 75th Year


2015 Prize Money (Local Currency – Turkish Lira)
341,611,740.30 (Prizemoney) + 63,405,742.39 (Breeeders Premium) : Total : 405,017,482.69
Average Prizemoney Per Horse: 57.116 TL