Horses have always been part of Bahraini culture. Racing was conducted originally as private meetings. Horses that raced were pure Arabians. Arabian horses were imported from Saudi Arabia over 240 years ago. Great care was taken to maintain the purity of the bloodline by the Royal Al Khalifa family.

In 1948 a committee was formed to have horse racing conducted under one umbrella. Racing was then organised with a tote facility to meet the international standards. With the support of the Royal family racing prospered and in 1977 the Amir of Bahrain issued a decree to establish the Equestrian and Horse Racing Club to be the only racing authority in Bahrain. The club takes an active part in international racing activities and is a member of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities and the Asian Racing Federation.

Two grass tracks measuring about 2,400 meters with a straight of 1200 meters, one sand track, grand stand with a seating capacity of over 3000, stables for 300 horses were constructed in 1981.

The racing season starts in November and ends in April. About 300 horses participate. It takes place one day a week with six races a day with an average field of 10 runners. Five races are formed for thoroughbreds and one for Pure Arabians.

The King and the members of the Royal family have been importing quality bloodstock to improve the local thoroughbreds. More and more Bahraini nationals are also breeding thoroughbreds. The club holds the Bahrain Stud Book for registration Thoroughbreds.

Name of Racing Authority: Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club

Postal Address: PO Box 25079 - Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: (973)17440 440 or (973)17442 666
Fax: (973)17442 777

Member of High Committee

Chairman: His Highness Shaikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al Khalifa

Deputy Chairman: His Highness Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa


His Highness Shaikh Faisal Bin Rashid Al Khalifa

Mr Tawfiq Sayed Sharaf AlAlawi

Mr. Ali Mohamed AlRomaihi

Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Qassim AlHermi

Mr. Fawzi Abdulla Nass

Mr. Ebrahim Abdulhadi AlAfoo

Director General: Mr Tawfiq Sayed Sharaf AlAlawi

Chief Racecourse Officer: Mr. Fin Powrie

Racing Director: Mr Hussain Qassim AlHermi

Stud Book Manager & International Affairs: Mr Mohamed Qassim AlHermi

Principal Races:
NameClassification:International / DomesticApprox Date
1. Bahrain DerbyDomesticApril
2. His Majisty The King CupDomesticMarch
3. Owners CupDomesticApril
4. H.H. The Crown Prince CupDomesticFebruary
5. Bahrain Gold CupDomesticMarch
6. Bahrain Silver CupDomesticFebruary